November 2, 2011

On my way to NYC

We are on our way to NYC again this afternoon, aren't we lucky?  My husband has a meeting all day on Thursday and so we decided to take Friday off and spend the weekend there.  Both our siblings live there, my brother is a resident doctor in Brooklyn and his brother is a busy DJ in Manhattan; it's why we go so often.  This time I have lined up a few places for us to visit, like the Brooklyn Museum, and the Red Rooster in Harlem, a restaurant owned by Chef Samuelson, a Food Network personality who's actually competing for the next Iron Chef. His cooking is amazing and I can't wait to try it. We also want to check out the Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, thanks to this post. Another food landmark I'm dying to squeeze in is Chelsea Market.

 Here we go!

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


  1. Have fun eating all that yummy food.

  2. Hey Jessi you should go. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for stopping by!