December 2, 2011

Have an Awesome Weekend

The weekend is here. Yay!  Tomorrow I will be on an airplane bound for Miami with my daughter and dog (I know, crazy!) to spend the holidays with my family. Next week we take another plane to the DR, where I will be spending a few days, catching up with family and friends and introducing Emilu to the rest of the family.  I'm scared of the interruption this would cause in her sleeping habits.  I have been slowly (it takes time with the No Cry solution) working out a sleeping routine these last days that will establish a blissful nightsleep routine for the rest of her life.  I'm so grateful for this book, as I don't believe in letting your baby cry it out.  But let's see what happens, with dinners and get-togethers this might prove rather difficult.

I have a bunch of cool posts next week, so make sure you come back to read those.  As always, enjoy your first December weekend.  Can you believe the holidays are here? I wish everyone a happy and fun weekend, whether you go shopping or meetup with friends, have a great time.  And here are a few links from around the web that had me reeling this week.

Meet me at the top of the Empire State.

This Magic Mountain is a fun surprise for adults.

Awesome rocking chair for two

When a heart attack becomes a miracle cure.

Beautifully organized shoes 

Don't you love to re-use your wine corks?

Who doesn't like churros and chocolate?

Do you enjoy heights? This mountain glass walkway is awesomely scary.

I'm always in the mood for this sweet treat.

25 beautiful ornaments to make right now, with or without kids.

Proof that comedy and thriller are one and the same.

Urbanity comes alive.

A neat masculine gift guide is the pinnacle of sexiness.

This awesome LEGO Christmas tree in London my nephew would go nuts over.

Images via Society6 and Purlbee


  1. Enjoy your travels.

    I could never let my babies cry. I tried it once with our extremely colicky daughter. She cried in her crib and I sat and cried outside the door to her room. Once was enough. For me, the natural thing to do when a baby is crying is to comfort her.

  2. I have been wondering about what DR stands for...?

    Really nice for your family to get at chance to see Emilu, I hope your flights will go well with a little child.

    Thanks for fun weekend links!

  3. Jamie DR stands for Dominican Republic. Thanks for stopping see you back Monday.