October 11, 2011

Weekend Buzz

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend.  My husband, Emilu and I, along with my parents, went up to NYC to visit my brother. We spent three blissful days eating and relaxing.  I will be posting a few pictures later in the week.  It was good to see my friend Yanil  from Miami, who now lives in NYC.  She writes a fashion blog.  She took us on a Sex and the City tour, through all the spots the girls frequented around Soho and the Village.  We ate sushi at Zen Sushi, had coffee in Greenwich Village, and finished with gelato in Soho.

On Sunday, my family and I visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  And can you believe the temperature we had in the Northeast this past weekend?  It was the last of the last 80 degrees, sun-kissed weather for a long, long time. So, if you didn't get out there, you missed a lot.

It was a great weekend indeed. And my first time going out, since giving birth, anywhere without Emilu in tow.  I even discovered, to my amazement (modesty aside) that I still had some goodness left (10 pounds still heavier) as I caught some NYC boys gazing at me. Hurray!

Come back later in the week for some fun posts, which I have planned for your delight.

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