October 3, 2011

Mixed Feelings about Fall

Today surely felt like Fall.  For the past two days the temperature has been holding steadily in the low 50s.  My dilemma, if I can call it that, has been searching for appropriate winter wear at an affordable price for Emilu. She will outgrow them quickly.

But putting that aside, I'm trying to groove myself into the Autumn festivities.  Before Emilu I would have no problem easing into the change of seasons.  In fact, I would look forward to it, but after becoming a mother I feel some trepidation for how overwhelming simple things have become.  Decorating and rearranging was something I looked forward to.  Now, I have to plan ahead and find the time and this can be exhausting.

Am I just too tired?  I must admit I am.  Some days are tougher than others but it's nothing that a good night sleep can't cure.  The trouble is that a good night sleep is a thing of the past in this household. 

Body and mind rest before I can bust out the pumpkins should do the trick. For now, I would love to get a centerpiece like this one on the coffee table.  I think is the perfect compromise for the Fall.

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