September 22, 2011

Teething 101

Emilu has been teething for the past three weeks.  She does many things to comfort herself.  She rubs her mouth against the bed or my shoulders.  She sucks at every toy including her fists.  She scratches herself with her tongue (so funny).  And now she sucks her thumbs! I have no idea how long this process lasts, but this condition has affected the sleep patterns in this household.  Only recently did she start to sleep better (thank God).
When her sleeping is affected the feedings are impacted as well.  That's because if she doesn't nap when she's tired, the tiredness builds up and she ends up dozing off during her feeding, which she doesn't finish and gets completed half way through the next feeding.  I end up pushing forward her next feeding and this habit makes her miss one or (worse) sometimes two day feedings, which leaves her hungry at night when she's supposed to be asleep.

Ahhh it's exhausting. When are teeth due to come out? At her 4 months appointment the doctor felt her gums and predicted in a month.  We'll see.   

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