September 8, 2011

Happy Four months!

Our dear Emilu is four months today!  She's a happy, healthy baby and we are so blessed to have her. It's amazing how long we've come since the early days of postpartum.  I can finally say I love being a mom and now that I'm not working, I can plan and dream our days to come as a family with joy and anticipation. The mother and child bond is so strong  and yet so delicate at this age, that part of the reason  I quit my job was to be there for her these first months of her tender life.

At four months, we love to watch her do the following:

-Laughing without any sound (her signature "laugh") while shaking her whole body.
-Grabbing and pulling out my hair when she's being held.
-Studying very intently my earrings and necklaces and inspecting them with her fingers.
-Waking up from naps cheerfully and merrily.
-Sleep with both her arms tucked inside her body (she is a tummy sleeper).
-Talking  her signature talk "ahhh, ehhh",she's vowelizing, so adorable. She also makes 'pigeon' sounds
-Gigling loudly more and more.
-Seeing her finally grabbing and sucking her bath duckie.
-Watching how she can spot me from a distance and moving her head in the direction of my voice, if I'm not visible enough.
-Watching her stay longer in her crib, playing with her toys.
-Witnessing her preservation instinct kick in when she sees strangers (she cries).
-Screaming her tiny lungs off when she's not the center of attention.

 Happy  Four Months Emilu, we love you with all our hearts and can't wait for more discoveries as we watch you grow.



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