September 15, 2011

Friday Links and a little more...

Sometimes being a parent can be overwhelming.  I'm not talking about the day-to-day tasks of naps, diaper changes, stroller rides, nursing sessions or story time.  And while Emilu is still little to be hindered by my parenting doubts and fears, I still harbor them, and every once in a while they flood to the surface of my everyday life.  For instance, I talk about teaching my daughter the simplest of human virtues, like empathy, but what about if I can't really do this?  And would I still be a good parent is I let her watch TV when this is so frown upon nowadays.  I grew up with much love and guidance, but I was allowed to watch TV, and I didn't become feeble-minded.  Anyhow, this is a subject for another post.  Teaching your children to be good people. In today's world this is a task that seems insurmountable.

Changing subjects, I hope you enjoy your weekend, relaxing, catching up with family and friends and checking these links for fabulous ideas.

Do you love someone like this?  I do.

Friday favorites from Life: Styled.

My favorite go to dictionary online. 

Can't get enough Chevron inspiration?  Go here, you won't be saturated. 

I'm loving these diaper covers so much. They come in new prints. 

Have you ever wonder what legislation is on the floor of the House or Senate? Go here to find out.

I wished I had this book when I was little (i grew up in Dominican Republic).  Richard Scarry's books for children are the best.  I wonder if I can get some equivalent in Spanish.  

And speaking of books, here is a list for the cabin feverish kid. 

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