September 13, 2011

Cereal = Zzzz

At the suggestion of her Pediatrician we started rice cereal for Emilu.  She wasn't staying asleep during night and she thought the rice cereal would help achieve that.  On Thursday night we gave her the cereal mixed into the formula and she ate it all and slept through the night without waking up.  That was incredible!

However, the next day she had big red spots throughout her entire body, especially the limbs.  Her skin had broken out in red rashes even though she didn't seemed to be in any discomfort.  So I called the doctor and she recommended we stopped the cereal for a couple of days to rule out an allergic reaction.

That day, she had her routine vaccines (5 in total) but the reactions to those were not consistent with the rash she suddenly developed.  It had to be the cereal.  I may have given her too much.

Tonight we will try again and hope that she takes it well and no more skin issues arise. She loved the cereal though, she kept grabbing my hand and pushing it into her mouth.  So cute!

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