March 1, 2011

Nursery Update

Everyday I find myself folding and unfolding little Emilu's clothes over and over.  It's like nesting in overdrive. That's why I still haven't washed the clothes, because I know that I will keep folding them over and over until the day she comes.  I wonder if other expectant mothers had this bizarre behavior prior to the arrivals of their offspring.

We still have a few big items to buy, which we are postponing until the very last minute.  The stroller and car seat are good examples, and the changing table tray, which will be mounted on the crib is already on its way.  The only thing left to buy this week is the cloth diapers package and the wet bag. I just can't wait.  And you bet,  I will be blogging about the experience of cloth diapering!

These drawer organizers are the best.  You can find them almost anywhere, including Target and The Container Store.  These are from IKEA.

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