February 28, 2011

Childbirth education class

 My husband and I attended a childbirth education seminar this past weekend for first time pregnant parents.  Around a dozen couples were in attendance, and most of them were as anxious and nervous as we were.  We saw there a couple we had met a couple of years back in confirmation class in our Catholic church and they were also expecting a girl.  It only proves how small this city is.  The majority of the couples were having their baby at Sibley Hospital in town.  The class’s instructor had been a L&D (labor & delivery) nurse there.

She went over the whole scenario of L&D, the biological basics of birthing, the technical details and the emotional experience as well.  She explained several medical terms, likely and unlikely scenarios, and how the staff at Sibley is one of the best in this area of medicine.  I guess my doubts were somewhat calmed down, but I still have fears about the big day that no nurse, doctor or doula will mitigate until I actually find myself in the situation at hand and know my strengths and limitations. Will I succumb to pain medication? Probably, but I’m training myself to avoid it if I can.

I definitely recommend this instructor and this class.  But do expect just to learn the factual side of childbirth.  This is not a prenatal class in the sense of learning techniques of pain management or relaxation and breathing exercises.  

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