January 20, 2011


Let’s talk about the secret world of cravings. Cravings are common during pregnancy and most women experience some type of food craving at any moment during this phase in their lives. I have heard about the most awkward combinations of food and tastes, things that would turn your stomach if you weren’t pregnant. Ketchup with every dish in front of them, Tabasco sauce, pineapples, sweet pickles, and other interesting combinations. I can’t say that I have had strong cravings. But that’s because I have pretty much ignored by doctor’s advice on foods I can’t have. I do have deli chicken in my sandwich even though I’m a vegetarian, it’s a craving for meat protein. I have continued eating all the soft cheeses I was not allowed to eat, including feta, goat, blue cheese and string mozzarella. I have also satisfied my sushi cravings twice. No problems there. I think everything in moderation is fine.

But I do crave more sugary foods in this state than any other in my life. I was never a sweets person, but I now find myself demanding more sugar than ever. Because I know this is a big no during pregnancy as it can trigger gestational diabetes and other complications I satisfy it with fruits. I eat lots of pineapples, apples, oranges and mandarins. Of course I succumb to the occasionally twisted whim of ice cream or spoonful of Nutella. But always in moderation.

Here are some of the dessert items (not including fruits) I’m currently craving:

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