December 13, 2010

It's a Girl

We now know the sex of the baby. It was no surprise.  During the fetal echo, the technician asked us if we wanted to know, and we said, of course.  “I don’t see any boy parts here.”  And just like that, she was announced.  She’s also a feisty one.  Kept dancing the whole way through the echo.  I guess she takes from me.

Of course, anyone tells you whatever you have, boy or girl, or in between, it doesn’t matter.  You’re blessed with child. Well, it’s a half truth.  I always pictured a girl.  A character strong, little Mafalda to continue on the footsteps of her family’s lionesses. Let her character shine through, her taste for adventure stay strong, her convictions sail steady and her compassion go undimmed.

Girls are always close to you in heart and soul.  They grow up, marry and have children, but they always come back, in some shape or form.  They weep and laugh and hold your hand.  They rest their heads on your lap and keep their children close to you so that you may always know that, yes, they are still yours.  

Needless to say this post is dedicated to my mom.  The flame of all flames.  

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