December 2, 2010

Eating, Miami-style

When I see the red roof tiles, the empty sidewalks, the heat-distorted streets, the tired palms, the Spanish signs, the numerous dollar stores, the chain restaurants, the fake boobs, the magic lights, the image of Desi Arnaz coming home flickers in my mind, “Lucy, I’m home.”  Yes I’m home. 

 Only a few weeks from touching home. The place I thought was never that.  That grew me up and made me the person I’m today.  She’s sometimes called Little Cuba, the Other L.A., the Magic City, the Gateway to Latin American and lately, Floreclosure Capital of the US.  I have now spent more than half my life in Miami, and I’m ready to return.  This time with child.  Aloha to the symphony of tastes that abounds.  After two long months of morning sickness, the tastebuds are firing up:  the Argetinean empanadas, the Cuban tostadas with cortadito, the South Beach sushi and the sancocho.  Too bad I won’t be able to savor essentials like mojito, cerveza and margarita.  The usual suspects this year:  Copas y Tapas, Sushi Samba, Che Tanos, Casa Juancho, El Farolito, Sergio’s Don Pan, and La Estancia.  And a few more for the first time:  Benny’s Seafood, Tap Tap and Chef Adrianne’s.  This baby is in for the feast of a Holiday Lifetime. Cheers to that!

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