November 23, 2010

Waiting for the tap dance

I’m soon approaching 17 weeks of pregnancy and waiting to feel the baby move has been a restless pursuit. About two days ago I was trying to dose off and felt two taps inside my belly, twice.  I opened my eyes and waited for a third time but it didn’t happen again.  I won’t know with certainty if this was the baby until it happens again and more often.  Some first time moms don’t experience this until week 20.  I hope that is not the case with me.

In other news, our 4-month prenatal appointment was this week. We listened to her heartbeat through the Doppler.  Every day in and everyday out, I go through my day without feeling pregnant because I’m not yet big nor conspicuously showing.  So the only reassurance of pregnancy we experience are those doctor visits, where everyone treats you like the special mom you will become and where we get to see or hear the baby.

I can’t wait for the tap dance, the monkey dance or the samba to know that she is doing well, and since her hearing is fine tuning as we speak maybe I’ll coax her with some merengue.

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