September 9, 2010

It's not so hot!

Today was the first time I could not drink my morning cup of espresso. I waited a few days to write this new post in order to keep up with the wave of symptoms I’m now struggling with. Last week I wrote that I hadn’t felt any discomfort. But that was last week. This week has been marred with nausea and sleepiness, or what the experts call “extreme fatigue.” You feel like you want to lie down immediately. My biggest fear is falling asleep in the metro and waking up in Maryland, although that wouldn’t be so bad, except having nausea as well and things get a little more complicated.

I start my day at around 8 a.m. I eat my cereal as usual, do some house chores, write for a while, then take the dog for a mid-morning walk. By 11 a.m. I feel exhausted, so I take a shower and lie down for an hour. Then wake up, prepare lunch, usually sandwich or salad or any dinner leftovers and then head off to work.

During the entire day, the morning sickness is there, mild but gnawing at the bottom of my stomach. Sometimes if I don’t put anything in my mouth it turns into heartburn. It only subsides when I nibble on something, usually a piece of fruit or cheese. By lunch time, it’s on full force and then it comes back again an hour after I have eaten. In the afternoons, my fatigue is so extreme I have to take a long walk around my building to avoid falling asleep at the desk chair. I cannot imagine enduring this for the next two months. It’s not so hot being pregnant right now.

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